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A Veterinary Physiotherapy practice based in Penzance, Cornwall. Offering a holistic approach to treatment, based on scientific research.

What is Veterinary Physiotherapy? 

Veterinary Physiotherapy aims to promote musculoskeletal health in all species. Using anatomy and research-based knowledge to be applied to the manual techniques in order to enhance the body's natural healing processes, and mobilise tissues.

Many specific musculoskeletal and neurological conditions benefit from physiotherapy working alongside vets for optimum recovery and better quality of life, this can be for domestic pets as well as performance animals.

In an addition to manual therapies there is a large selection of electrotherapies suited for each tissue type, as well as specific rehabilitation programmes.



Jodie Richards the founder of JR Veterinary Physiotherapy is a qualified veterinary physiotherapist, who is a member of NAVP (National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists), providing reassurance to clients, as being part of a register allows professionals to maintain correct protocols of practice.
As a veterinary physiotherapist, Jodie follows the The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1996. Which states veterinary referral for injuries and known musculoskeletal conditions. Maintenance cases are allowed to be carried out without veterinary permission.

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Dressage Horse



Vicky. T

Jodie is a lovely young lady, very professional and knowledgeable in many areas . Jodie was very calm and encouraging with my horse (he can be grumpy). Jodie explained exactly what she was doing and the benefits that it would have. I highly recommend Jodie. 

Black Dog

Laura. H

Jodie worked wonders on my german pointer, who hurt her front leg. she was very thorough throughout the assessment and very gentle and caring. We noticed a difference almost immediately, and have since had Jodie come back to work on other trigger points.

Three Horses

I highly recommend Jodie and her magical tools with healing properties! With her expertise and expanse of knowledge I knew Willow was in safe hands. Jodie has and continues to be a fundamental part of Willows recovery and rehabilitation. Thank you

Polly. J
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